Monday, 22 August 2016

my first ever pony ride

So glad I did it at long last!  I had been watching my sisters ride for 2 years.  Look how happy and proud I was!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

In mummy's room

Just hanging out.

Jello monster

I use my hands on everything when I eat - including jello! Quite talented!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

my friends

Here they come again!

gherkin pastrami sandwich

I invented the best sandwich!

duck keeper

The ducks follow me around everyday now.
That's one of Jessica Duck's baby from last summer.  She is also very tame.
Another day, another wedding frenzy.

my new school uniform

Proudly presenting my school uniform!

Finally I sat down after much jumping up and down in excitement.
And I passed right out!  How cute do I get?   :)

my new bed

I now have a Big Girl Bed!  Jessica likes it as much as I do too!


I was great help when Mommy woke up not feeling well.  I got all the massage tools too.

4 years ago

health check

Health check for my new school in August.

happy 4th birthday!

I'm 4!
Cupcakes for my friends at school.

The celebration included lunch with Gong Gong, Yee Po and Auntie B in Central.  I was a happy button!

last day being 3!

We had a mini-cycling session in Sai Kung before stopping off at Mommy's favourite Sri Lankan restaurant for lunch.
The seafood restaurants at the waterfront.
A random playground in the neighbourhood.  I tried out Jessica's bike and managed very well.
My dinner restaurant pick:  Ding Tai Fung and it was very well received by my sisters.

Last sleep till I turn 4.  Very exciting time!

concert time

Suddenly looking all grown up too.

Sunday, 26 June 2016


I got to go to lunch with Mommy's primary school friends.
Their kids joined as well.
I enjoyed picking off Mommy's lunch.
And dessert!
We then went to a playroom for a playdate.

We didn't really bond until I showed them my sticker book.